Looking for a Storyteller


Kia Ora has been telling the stories of incredible women and allies, now we’re looking for someone to join us.

The City: Remote.

The Mandate: Find bold, new ways to unleash all of the stories trapped in the top minds of women & allies.

Hours: As much as you can give 🙌

Although life on the outside looks like a perfect Instagram feed, on the inside, it feels like a squiggly mess. Impostor syndromes, hard choices, anxiousness, love, passion, joy. No matter how high up the ladder you go, we all feel the same way.

Kia Ora is about sharing that squiggly line journey so we want to ask questions that reveal those struggles and make the whole experience of being human more... human.

We launched Kia Ora to offer a better brand of advice to women and allies. The goal was to interview the most talented people across fields, disciplines and companies, and surface what we call actionable tactics & journeys.

But there’s so much more to do.

That’s where you come in. You can help own and create content for Kia Ora from end to end. This includes interviewing some of the highest-caliber people alive today, from founders and CEOs to the very best in every field. It also includes telling bold, creative stories that will help readers learn and build new things. We’re all about rich, detailed, long-form writing with heart — think of it as The Harvard Business Review meets The New Yorker.

We also want to expand out how we tell our stories. Have an amazing voice? Let’s do a podcast. Have a knack for video? Bring on the YouTube channel! However you feel we can go deeper, let’s do it.

When you join Kia Ora, you join a team of originals.

Doing new things and doing them first is a core value here, and it’s reflected in everything we do. But at the start, we’re here to provide the tools, resources and community you need to win long-term.

Interested? Here’s what we’re looking for:

You call yourself a storyteller first and foremost when you first meet someone or you’re asked at a party. Maybe you run content for a company, been launching YouTube videos since you could hit ‘record’ or have a killer Instagram page.

You’re curious about people. You like asking them questions and learning what makes them tick. Either you regularly interview people as a part of your job, or conduct user testing, or teach people to do something. Asking people about themselves, how they think and work is inherently interesting to you. We want someone who can eventually walk into Girlboss and feel confident interviewing the CEO about how she’s creating a next generation media company.

You’re super organized. You’re a task management junkie who’s always looking for ways to become even more productive and effective. We’re working on 20 stories at any given time and aspiring to do more.

Steep learning curves thrill you. You already have experience and good instincts when it comes to social media, email marketing, and running experiments to build brands. Great. But we’re always trying to push the envelope — keeping our eyes fixed on new tactics, findings and recommendations from the smart people at places like Contently and Kissmetrics — to expand our footprint and bring more people into our fold.

Just the word ‘autonomy’ makes you happy. We’re really looking for a self-starter who can handle projects from start to finish on their own and contribute fresh ideas to strengthen not just Kia Ora but the whole team. Everyone here is in it together when it comes to building a company we’re excited to work at. You’d be a major player.

For now we’re looking for volunteers to help build this social enterprise who will hopefully turn into our first wave of employees. 33% of profits are shared to employees & 33% are donated towards charities and causes such as Girls Who Code to uplift communities and spread the love.

What’s in it for you?

  • The ability to meet, connect with, and share the stories of some of the most inspiring women and allies across the globe.

  • Be part of a movement to help shape the future of how our culture communicates and connects.

  • Help build a brand for that fights for positive change.

  • Potential transition into an part-time or full-time role.

  • Your own author bio under each story you share to help share your story and expose your personal brand.

Is this you? Sounds like someone you know?

If so, we want to talk to you. Send a note to steven at kiaora dot co or fill in the form below!

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