Kia Ora

Our Mission:


We’re sharing the stories of Kiwi people and companies doing amazing things not only in New Zealand, but across every corner of the world.

We hope to not only celebrate them, but to inspire kiwis all across New Zealand to take their ideas and launch them to success. 


Our Mission

New Zealand is a leader when it comes to the sheer amount of innovation we pack within our tiny population.

Due to our size and comparatively short history, we find ourselves looking across the ditch for footsteps to follow.

Kia Ora is about spreading how awesome New Zealander's are to other New Zealander's, so we stop looking across the ditch and start looking within our own country to see success.


Our Goals

New Zealanders are definitely a proud bunch but what would happen if we amplified that even more?  Take a look below for more information.




Over the next 12 months, we aim to impact the lives of 100,000 Kiwis.




We also aim to share the story of at least 50 incredible Kiwis as they reach the peak of achievement.




The more the merrier. On our way to impacting New Zealand, we're aiming to have 15,000 Kiwis follow the journey within the first 12 months.



Let’s go

"I'm excited to help create a platform that will take Kiwis even further by sharing their journey and working together for a better future."

Steven Male / Entrepreneur



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